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Veterinary Referral Team

Experience Meets Expertise

Our referrals team has a combined 250+ years of experience in providing the highest standards of veterinary care, perfecting their crafts to ensure your pets have access to the very best clinical care. With 4 RCVS Advanced Practitioners and 4 Specialists within the team you can be confident of the very best level of knowledge in a truly multi-disciplinary independent referral clinic. 


Fracture repair, Cruciate Ligament Surgery (TPLO, lateral suture), Patella Surgery, Total Hip Replacement, Spinal Surgery, Amputation, Arthroscopy.

Complex Soft Tissue

TECA, Skin Reconstruction, Anal Sac Removal, Liver Surgery /Adrenalectomy, PSS, Splenectomy, Bladder Surgery, GI surgery (Gastrotomy, enterotomy, enterectomy).

Diagnostic Imaging

CT, Digital xray, ultrasound scanning, endoscopy/colonoscopy, bronchoscopy/rhinoscopy, cystoscopy, nano-arthroscopy.


Ventral slot, Hemilaminectomy, Spinal Fractures, Wobblers, Brain Surgery.


Laparoscopic Neutering, Pericardiectomy, Cholecystectomy.


Doppler echocardiography (Heart scanning), ECG, Blood Pressure, Halter Monitoring.


Root Canals, Extractions, Reconstructive Surgery.


Chemotherapy, tumour removal.


Routine and second opinion dermatology cases including auto immune disorder.

Complimentary Therapy

Stem cell therapy, PRP.


Cherry eye, 3rd eyelid flap, entropion, enucleation, tonometry, slit-lamp microscopy.

Transfusion Medicine

Blood transfusion (Dog and Cat), Plasma Transfusion.

A referral happens when your usual vet believes they can’t provide the necessary expertise or facilities to treat your pet in the best way. Alternatively, you can request a referral if you want your pet to be treated by a vet with more experience in a specific area.

Typically, your primary vet gets in touch with us to start the referral process and shares the case notes and X-rays electronically. 

Once your pet has received treatment, we return them to your regular vet for any ongoing care they may need. We make sure your pet gets the specialised care it requires using our special equipment and facilities.

If you’re unsure why your pet is being referred, we’re here to help you understand, or you can also speak to your regular vet.

If your pet needs to see a specialist, you should first talk to your regular vet, who will get in touch with Peninsula Vet Referrals on your behalf. After that, your regular Vet will be able to schedule an appointment.

If your pet needs urgent attention, your local vet should call Peninsula Vet Referrals to set up the referral, and then our Care Team will then arrange an appointment.

After an appointment has been made by your regular vet, we will ask your vet about your pet’s past health and what’s going on now. They will also check your pet thoroughly and talk to you about what they find and their initial ideas about what might be wrong.

After the appointment, your pet might go home with some advice or treatment suggestions. But sometimes, more tests like blood tests or X-rays, and possibly surgery might be needed.

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